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365 Project

Day 366 - Dec. 31 - Last Day of the Year!


Success! A Clearing in the Forest went from languishing manuscript to a book in readers’ hands. Amazing! Thank you all!

Day 362

Woo Hoo! Heard from The Courier-Tribune, my hometown newspaper. They want to do an article!

Day 350

Pitched 3 newspapers about running an article or book review about A Clearing in the Forest.

Day 337

Spoke at a friend’s Christmas Coffee. Thanks to 3 French Hens for selling books for me!

Day 335

Updated two weeks of daily Tumblr posts! You’ll notice some missing days around Thanksgiving! DON’T procrastinate!

Day 334

I used #GivingTuesday to distribute copies of A Clearing in the Forest and other YA books.